Terms of Use

Coverage of General Terms of Use

RPMTC offers models/designs exclusively based on the terms of use presented herein. General Terms of Use of the Buyer are hereby rejected and will not apply to any purchase from www.akolippo.com. Any deviation from the terms herein shall only be binding with written permission from RPMTC. A contract between the seller and buyer is only final with a written order confirmation through the seller.

Payment and Pricing

Payment in full for the ordered Models/Designs must be received before delivery of the model/design will be made possible. Payment through online is under buyer’s risk. If the buyer defaults on the due payment the seller is entitled to halt and deny all deliveries from this, or other orders, by the same buyer. Current pricing can be obtained from our website. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Information, data and prices presented on the Internet, in ads, brochures, catalogs and other publications are non-binding and subject to change.

Product Delivery

Pay online or Buying Credits to pay from account is necessary before ordering Model/Design files. After the completion of the payment form, your credit details will be updated in “My Page”. Electronic Transfer (download) via the Internet will be the primary form of delivery for the Models/Designs and its details. The Product files will be made available for download at “My page” once order for it. If you have enough credit balance then you can execute order and may download immediately or later from “My page”. The delivery time can be extended due to internet connectivity problems, network traffic, work stoppage (e.g. strike), official regulations or other events beyond the control of us. After setting an appropriate extension deadline, the buyer has the right to cancel the order if the seller still does not bring about delivery of the ordered products. Further claims cannot be brought against the seller unless bad intent or gross negligence on part of the seller are proven.

Product Use

The Models/Designs are provided here for general use.

The best output from these Models/Designs are the result of proper selection of cutting tools, work holdings, machines, materials and expertise of the user. Its responsibility of the user, to check the suitability of the design is as per the requirements.

The correctness of the design is to be ensured, before its use.

Any unauthorized use and reproduction of these materials is strictly prohibited.

The Models /Designs can be used with different CAD/CAM softwares and the users are bound follow respective software license agreement.

Refund and Return

RPMTC offers non-tangible irrevocable goods through www.akolippo.com. The products purchased that are downloaded are NOT refundable. There are no cancellations of online orders that have been downloaded successfully.

The USER is deemed to accept these terms of use. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF USE, DO NOT USE this website.

If you have some questions or concerns, please Contact Us! Our e-mail: admin@akolippo.com