Buy Credit

Buying Credits is necessary before ordering Model/Design files. After the completion of the payment realization, your credit details will be updated in “My Page”.

Every purchase will be from your credited amount.

You can select your choice of payment from below options.

Pay instantly:

  1. PayPal (Debit card/Credit Card)
    Please contact us to get details for any modes of payment as below:
  2. Deposit /transfer to Bank Account.
  3. Money Order
  4. DD/Cheque by Courier/Post
  5. Any other..

You may decide the amount for buying credit as per different packages as offered below. You can use the credited amount to order/download models whenever required. Every order and balance will be reflected in your ‘My Page’.:

Credit your account with any amount below Rs.5000 and download exactly for that amount and for any amount above Rs.5000 to avail the following offers

Offer Packages

Package NameAmount Offers
RP 5000Rs.5000/- Rs.6000 (20% extra)
RP 10,000Rs.10,000/-Rs.13,000(30% extra)
RP 25,000Rs.25,000/- Rs.35,000(40% extra)
RP 50,000Rs.50,000/-Rs.75,000(50% extra)
RP 1,00,000Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.1,60,000(60% extra)
RP 2,00,000Rs.2,00,000/-double credit (100% extra)

(*this is limited time offer. Packages may change without notice. Prices of models are also liable to change)

Kindly contact us for any more details